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Legal Disclaimer

- is an independent site which has been created and designed by a trauma and orthopaedic surgeon.

- This site is developed for educational purpose and information only. The information provided here should not be taken as a recommendation for any specific treatment of a condition or a person.

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- This site is not intended to promote any specific company or individual in any form. No advertising or banner exchange is included.

- All the published material on this site is appropriately searched with reasonable standards of accuracy from the relevant published sources and is referenced correctly at the end of each section.

- The content of this site does not represent personal opinion, but is based on the available evidence in the literature. This material does not replace a consultation with a qualified professional regarding the treatment of any condition.

- Images used on this site do not contain any identifiable or confidential information and are selected from non-copyright sources or with due permission where needed. However, if anyone can identify a copyright source, please contact the admin and these images will be removed.

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